Exotic Aquatic Species Invasion: Help To Prevent Lake Infestation of Exotic Aquatic Plant


New Hampshire is currently battling Exotic Aquatic Plants and Animals in its lakes and waterways. Over sixty water bodies are now impacted by exotic aquatic plants, including Squam and Winnipesaukee lakes; more get added to the list every year. Once introduced, they can render an area unsuitable for fish by exhausting dissolved oxygen, by blocking sunlight essential to basic food production. Excessive growth also interferes with swimming and boating. Once established, they are virtually impossible to eradicate and can decrease the economic value of waterfront property.

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NHDES Weed Watcher program information to monitor Bearcamp Pond, collect samples, and report occurrences:

You can find and download fact sheets about exotic aquatic plants and animals; how to identify them, prevent them, report them, and collect samples on these NHDES website:

Colored photos of exotic aquatic plants:

Colored photos and other NHDES information about Invasive Aquatic animals, courtesy of NH Lakes Association: