The Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act aims to protect the quality of New Hampshire’s lakes, ponds, rivers and coastal waters. The land all around Bearcamp Pond and down the river is protected shoreland. The land on either side of the river is a protected wetland. This protected shoreline around Bearcamp Pond includes the pond edges and all land within 250 feet of the pond. NH DES developed certain restrictions and prohibitions in response to the impacts of development on and near shorelines in the state. Restrictions and prohibitions apply regarding land clearing, fertilizer use, septic systems, phosphorous cleaning products, brush and leaf burning, and other things in order to prevent and control water pollution pollutants which can destroy the pond’s environment. You can find and download fact sheets about planting a buffer zone, minimizing land clearing, safe use of fertilizer, and other important shoreland practices on the UNH and NH DES websites:

UNH’s Cooperative Extension “Landscaping at the Water’s Edge”:

DES Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Management PDF

DES Stormwater Management for Homeowners