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Long-time Bearcamp Pond Association member, author, Amy MacDonald has written about her wonderful childhood memories of Bearcamp Pond:

When I was about five my parents bought a piece of land on a pond at the end of a long dirt road. They built a single-room house with one bedroom. There were no neighbors. There was no running water—just a hand pump and a well. There was no electricity. There was no telephone. There was no heat but the fireplace.  What were we to do for entertainment? We had a canoe, a Sailfish, a leaky rowboat, and four homemade, mini one-man boats we could paddle. We spent every minute in or on Bear Camp Pond.  And then there was the wildlife. There were chickadees and chipmunks that we trained to eat from our hands—and even our lips. There were turtles we could catch in homemade turtle traps. We fished for sunfish and perch and scary hornpout and fierce-toothed pickerel. We canoed to the end of the pond to watch osprey and great blue herons fishing, and (at dusk) beavers building dams. We watched deer and moose swim across the pond and even managed to spot a few bears in the woods.

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Bearcamp Pond was also part of the inspiration for Amy's children's book Little Beaver and the Echo.  You can learn more about this book by clicking on this link