bearcamp pond.jpeg

 Many people are unaware of the exceptional acoustics of water.  The pond’s water surface, reflects and amplifies sound. The smoother the lake, the clearer and farther sound travels; even more so in the morning and evening/at night. 

  Educate family, kids, guests, and rentors 

  • Tell kids to hold down the screaming and shouting; especially while swimming, because someone actually calling for help may not be heard.

  • In the summer months, try to avoid any use of chain saws, lawn mowers, or similar power tools early in the morning or late in the day. ,

  • Don’t shoot fireworks on or near the pond shoreline

  • Target shooting during the summer is best done at the local gun club. Target shooting near water is a very dangerous proposition. You have no idea how far a bullet will go or where it will end up!

  • Keep pets quiet. Our dogs are encouraged to alert us when they sense someone entering our vicinity. But continual barking is disruptive, especially at night.  

  • Turn down the volume when playing music outdoors or inside with the windows open.  

 All of us making an effort to control noise, is an important way to preserve and protect the beauty of Bearcamp and its vicinity.