The Bearcamp Pond Association is committed to maintaining the quality of our pond’s water, protecting wildlife on the pond, promoting the safety of property owners and visitors to the pond, protecting the value of our properties, and fostering good neighbor relations.  Use of fireworks on the pond is a source of legitimate concern because of the potential impact of such displays on water quality, wildlife, neighbors, and property. Fireworks contain phosphorous and radioactive and toxic, cancer-causing heavy metals that could push the pond’s health rating from its current mesotrophic status closer to a downgraded Eutrophic status, which is characterized by low dissolved oxygen, excessive plant and algal growth, cyanobacteria blooms, and fish kills, with dramatic consequences for wildlife, recreational activities and property values. Therefore, the Bearcamp Pond Association discourages the use of all fireworks near or along the shoreline of the pond.

  1. Enjoy fireworks as much as possible through the excellent displays organized by Sandwich, Meredith, Ashland, and Center Harbor

  2. If owners choose to exercise their right to use fireworks lawfully:

    1. Limit their use to the July 4th holiday, between dusk and 10 PM only  

    2. Don't shoot fireworks near the shoreline or over the pond

    3. If you think any fireworks debris possibly went into the pond, remove it all as quickly as possible (per NH State Law)

  3. If you rent your property, please include no fireworks as part of your rental agreement  

  4. Avoid reloadable mortar-style launchers which have the maximum impact on all concerns, especially phosphorous levels, heavy metals, personal injury and damage to abutting properties.