Linda DeMaio, Secretary since 2010

Lou DeMaio, Interim President since 2018

We have lived in Sandwich for 13 years and have been involved with the BCPA since that time. Our appreciation of the pond however, began many years before that.  In the 80's we were regular visitors to the Sandwich/Tamworth Town Beach.  We enjoyed swimming and explored every nook and cranny of the pond in canoes and kayaks. We fell in love then and are proud to now be involved in the preservation of this beautiful resource.  In addition to our Board of Directors duties, we have assisted with water testing under the tutelage of Bob Greene and Gail Colozzi-Greene, and plan to take responsibility for some of the testing this coming summer.

Lou has served on the Barnstormers Theatre Board of Directors since 2004 and is currently the Vice Chair. Also, for several years, both Linda and Lou have been volunteers at the St Andrews Food Pantry and served as tutors in the Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program at the K.A. Brett School in Tamworth.

Mary W. Hillsgrove

I’ve been a year-round resident on the pond with Hayden for 6 years. I have been so blessed to overlook the Bearcamp River and the pond every day and night and to be able to observe ice-in and ice-out dates, the arrival of the loons and other spring migrants, as well as, any disruptive events on the pond.  I enjoy watching the beaver, otter, ducks, birds, bear, deer, coyotes, moose, bald eagles and of course, the loons. The pond is a most beautiful spot and so we want to preserve this serene environment. I work part time at Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor and Comfort Keepers in Plymouth. I attend the Community Church of Sandwich and sit on the Outreach Committee. I am the Corresponding Secretary for the Bearcamp Valley Garden Club. I love to ski, play tennis, garden, kayak and sail.

Fred Phillips, Treasurer since 2016

I’ve been living on Partridge Hill with my wife, Joanne since 1995.  I enjoy the pond as a place to cool off on hot afternoons.  I spent about 15 years managing the loon raft, putting it in in the spring and taking it out after the eggs hatched; first as an assistant to Norm Chatel, then on my own.  

Andrea Everett-Wilson, Appointed June 2018


Bearcamp Pond feels like it has always been a part of home.  It has always been a friendly place to connect with people from near and far.  My family bought our house in Sandwich in 1970 when I was 7.  For this NYC kid, this summer haven was quickly heaven on earth.  I loved playing on the beach with endless tunnels and drip castles, jumping off the rock and doing handstands on the underwater rock.  Canoe and kayaks opened up the expanse of the pond and endless exploration.  As an early graduate of Sandwich Aquatic School, I loved to swim to the island, while others brought boats and fished. I collected mussels, played with the fish, learned to deal with leaches, and came to appreciated the 5 o'clock snake.  The loons were always a big deal - occupying many hours of conversation and speculation about them.  But it wasn't until this early summer of 2018, that I saw a bear at Bearcamp - a cub making his way around the shore!  The fact that my children have been able to experience the pond in much the same way I did as a child has also been a wonderful experience!  I moved to Mass after college to be closer to Sandwich and the pond.  I still live in the Boston area with my husband and two teenagers.  I travel back and forth all summer to Bearcamp and swim almost every day to truly relax and revive my soul!  Family picnic suppers on the beach are  especially enjoyable.  I’m so pleased to be a Board Member and help to support the mission of BCPA.

Meredith Heard Gisness, appointed November, 2018

I am a life long summer resident of Sandwich and the pond holds a very special place in my heart. I live in Boston with my husband and enjoy painting, photography, yoga, tennis and kayaking. We have 2 grown children who love to spend as much time as they can in Sandwich. Sitting on the dock, looking out over the Pond and the White Mountains is truly my happiest place to be.

Karen McCall was an Environmental Educator for 30 years before becoming a fundraiser for wildlife conservation with a focus on great apes, whales and elephants. She has also served several years on the Board of Directors for the Great Whale Conservancy and Lola ya Bonobo. She has an economics degree from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Graduate Liberal Arts from Duke University.

Karen and her husband Steve Page currently live in Chapel Hill North Carolina and own land in Sandwich, New Hampshire. She has enjoyed Bearcamp Pond over a 33 year period as a place to kayak, watch wildlife, meet wonderful people and cultivate deep peace.

Karen McCall, appointed July, 2018