Mission of the BCPA

bearcamp pond.jpeg

 Our purpose is to preserve the natural beauty of Bearcamp Pond, a 167 acre pond located in Carroll County in the Town of Sandwich, NH, and the surrounding vicinity through volunteer participation.

We accomplish our purpose through the following activities:

  1. Monitoring and testing of water quality, currently, through the State of NH DES VLAP program.
  2. Working cooperatively with other organizations which promote policies and activities that assure responsible stewardship of Bearcamp Pond, such as, the Loon Preservation Committee and NH Lakes Association. This includes the making distributions to such organizations whose purposes are consistent with and benefit the purpose of the Bearcamp Pond Association.
  3. Engaging in activities consistent with that responsible stewardship, including, advocating the interests of the Association before legislative bodies. 
  4. Providing the Bearcamp Pond community with information and resources pertinent to the purposes of the association.